Flint Walk Secures Multi-Million Yuan Investment to Propel Digital Art Innovation

In April 2024, Flint Walk successfully secured multi-million yuan financing, with investment from Huixin Fund.

Flint Walk plans to use this investment to focus on cultivating the core team, driving industry innovation with creative talent. The company will expand the production of original artistic content in fields such as animation, film, and gaming, building on its existing content. The goal is to continuously broaden the company's business sectors, bringing new works and experiences through innovative technology and creative content.

Additionally, we are closely collaborating with universities, AI laboratories, and other institutions to explore unique applications of AIGC technology in the creative field. This effort aims to deeply integrate artificial intelligence with creativity, providing essential support for digitalization across various industries and robust implementation within the digital creative industry.

In the future, we will also integrate deeper creative innovations into VR and AR experiences, incorporating neural sensing to enhance interactivity, and combining them with real screens to merge virtual and real-world interactions. This will provide audiences with clearer and more detailed visual experiences. We will also focus on pioneering content innovation at the intersection of technology and art, covering both online and offline digital environments. By offering top-tier MR mixed reality experiences, we aim to bring diverse digital content experiences to the public.

In the past, as digital pioneers, we ignited the spark of digital content, attracting countless digital content creators worldwide to join us. As we continue our journey towards the digital world's future, we remain relentless in our pursuit. We hope to collaborate with global brands and creators to co-create an innovative digital culture that blends technology and art.