The Flint Art team has created an IP character, HIZZO. The inspiration comes from the internet sensation Axolotl. It’s cute body and dorky eyes was enough for us to want to create an IP image around it, experimenting with something out of the ordinary. We also discovered that the Axolotl share many similarities with the Chinese dragon. To fully understand and recreate Hizzo’s looks and movement, we even decided to adopt our very own pet Axolotl.  

After countless hours of work and brainstorming, we’d like for you all to meet Hizzo, the alien Axolotl from outer space.

Subsequently, light-hearted and humorous short stories will depict Hizzo’s and other interdimensional animals' perspectives on human social activities and cultural phenomena. By launching this virtual IP, we hope to bring more creative ideas to life through vibrant characters, offering a light-hearted and humorous view of the world.