The Timeslicer

FLINT ART in collaboration with Nero Chenxuan He, architect, multi media artist, educator, and assistant professor at Texas Tech University, present The Timeslicer. Borrowing cultural city architecture, particularly historic temples, as the creative theme and model, we employed digital scanning to capture data of temples that are currently undergoing restoration. This process allowed us to obtain information on the main body, structure, scaffolding, and on-site environment of these ancient buildings. Then through digital cameras to create spatial slicing, the structural and temporal elegance of these ancient architecture becomes apparent. This project aims to create a cultural impact between “tradition and modernity” through digital imagery. The Timeslicer showcases the appeal of traditional architecture while also persevering it in the form of digital media. Through the medium of digital art, our aim is to demonstrate the diversity of traditional cultural preservation while simultaneously inspiring the public to better understand and protect the ancient architecture around them.