Giant Series Ⅰ

The team of Flint Walk traced back to the ancient myth that symbolized the wisdom and strength, interweaving into the hustle and bustle modern city.

With his titanic body, his skin was as cold but hard as marble. Under his mysterious black mask, the ancient language was implied from the foreign space-time. The traditional Chinese mask originated in totemic culture. The ancestors' worship of totems derived from the masks worn during sacrifices. They used this traditional way to drive away evil spirits and exorcise servants in order to prey for a smooth and good year. The team applied geometric ornaments onto half-transparent black mask, which the idea was conceived from the morphological shape of ancient Chinese architecture to depict the features of the Titan’s face. These features became the iconic symbol combined with futuristic visual style to enhance his mysterious charm and modernism.

Infuse the classic GIANT into ancient myths with modernism and the design of national culture. The visual effects of the mix of myths and technologies are depicted through multi-angles, the large billboard surrounded by the city crowds and in the small frame of phone.