Come take a look! Flint Walk's naked-eye 3D "Taikoo Li Chengdu Spaceship" went viral!

In October 2020, Flint Walk created a sensation with their "Taikoo Li Chengdu Spaceship" by bringing a new "life" to the building's LED screens. Flint Walk combined the interests of the younger generation with visual arts to craft a digital artwork depicting a spaceship traveling from the depths of the universe into a space station, complete with a 3D out-of-screen effect, making its debut at Taikoo Li.


The amazing debut of the "Taikoo Li Chengdu Spaceship" catapulted Flint Walk into the spotlight. On October 2nd, 2020, the "Chengdu Taikoo Li Spaceship" made it to the fifth spot on Weibo's real-time national hot search list with a reading volume of 320 million and 56,000 discussions. On TikTok, the same video drew explosive attention with more than 200,000 likes and millions of views. This led to widespread coverage from official media outlets like Sichuan Watch, Red Star News, Cover News, Little Fish Video, Hubei Daily, Jilin Transportation Broadcasting, Hanjiang City Management, People's Daily, China Daily, and many others. Consequently, traditional outdoor LED displays began to transform, becoming "scenic spots" and "check-in sites" in cities, thus adding new cultural and artistic vitality to urban areas..