Flint Walk was invited by CCTV's "New Year Pictures·Painting Year" crew to create naked-eye 3D New Year Pictures video

In 2022, the Flint Walk team was invited by CCTV's "New Year Pictures·Painting Year" crew to visit Mianzhu New Year Pictures Village to experience traditional culture. They learned that Mianzhu New Year Pictures are a cultural heritage of the hard work and wisdom of generations of folk painters, reflecting the optimistic thoughts and feelings of the people of Bashu and the ancient national customs.


After experiencing the traditional culture of Mianzhu New Year Pictures Village, the FLINT WALK team got inspiration for production. The main creative member Zeng Cheng proposed to use real-life panda technology combined with traditional New Year Pictures to create together, and is committed to promoting traditional culture. Bring the unique craftsmanship of Mianzhu New Year Pictures to the Chengdu naked-eye 3D large screen, and present the auspicious "beast" to welcome the spring with the national treasure panda on the same screen during the Spring Festival.


After months of field research, conception and filming, the New Year pictures naked-eye 3D creative film produced by Flint Walk's creative team was successfully released and successfully lit up Chengdu under the lens of CCTV's "New Year Pictures·Painting Year" crew, welcoming the Chinese New Year with traditional New Year pictures.