2024 IAI AWARDS International Advertising Award for Excellence in Production - "Spacecraft 2.0"

"Spacecraft 2.0" is the innovative sequel to Flint Walk's highly viral project "Spacecraft". Building on the original, the team has added more creative content and a more complex storyline in "Spaceship Return 2.0", with interactions between spaceships making the visuals more dynamic and immersive. This new work redefines production techniques, featuring a dual-screen visual art installation with corner screens and expanded screens. It integrates installation art from materials science, industrial design, and mechanical engineering, creating a realistic wormhole space and spacecraft within the connected screen space, providing viewers with a more stunning and novel visual experience.

The IAI International Advertising Award, as the only brand marketing yearbook in China's advertising marketing industry published consecutively for 25 years, has become a benchmark in the industry. It is a valuable reference, with award-winning works being the "world's best" in various fields and industry trendsetters.