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Have You Encountered “Poster Assassin” ?

As digital media has gone wild, poster design constantly faces changes and innovations in this rapid social development, from 2D and static form in the past, gradually moving forward in the direction of dynamics of new media.

What is Poster Assassin ?

motion poster is a comprehensive interdisciplinary method to convey information, including icons, texts, images, and sounds, etc. Layout design, interaction design, graphic and color composition are universally applied to logically present content to the audience. 

动态图形,namely “Motion Graphic ( for short: MG )”

Motion graphics are a linguistic form of visual communication by passing the originally static image through a dynamic design. No matter it’s 2D elements or static copywriting, all could be transformed to be dynamic. It is even possible to create a virtual space of pure 3D. With continuous breakthroughs and innovations, in addition to the use of MG animations, the dynamic poster combines real shooting. For instance, the dynamic poster of Wutiaoren has concluded real shooting in the poster which made it really come alive.

How to Produce? 

In the minds of the Flint Walk creative team, it is unanimously agreed that the poster design does not only reflect the merits of brand's development, but also a way to fully express the brand tone, positioning and its future direction, meanwhile, the poster design can enhance product competitiveness. Therefore, team members have focused on solar terms posters, project posters and others to transform and innovate from static posters to dynamic posters. 

In the field of digital media art creation, Flint Walk does not simply apply software tools, but actively encourages "designers" of the team involving in the production to constantly conceive and imagine for the innovation of the picture, which also contains the integration of aesthetic and art, and in the end to achieve an essential breakthrough. 

Then let’s follow the perspective of the "designers" of Flint Walk team to understand the creative process: 

Yan Yuan - “ Summer Solstice”Dynamic Poster Creator 

Thinking of summer, it is a time for swimming, bubbles played by kids, and water drops stuck on the fridge, hence, “bubbles” were chosen to describe what Summer is like. When I was hesitating what to pick to fill the content, a sudden thought came to me----watermelon is loved by many of us especially in Summer. Why not try to use watermelon! Summer solstice is the very start of a hot Summer. Personally, watermelon is beloved by me during Summer nights with a warm breezy, hence, blackish green was chosen to be the theme color. 

Yu Tou - “Minor Heat”Dynamic Poster Creator 

What’s best for a hot Minor Heat? Of course it’s iced coca-cola fresh out of fridge in the air-conditioned room. The moment when you open the can, happiness falls!

Sun Rong - “Minor Heat”Dynamic Poster Creator 

Orange and blue were mostly applied in the poster, wanting to convey a colorful lively Summer. The mesh was used to create an inwardly concave space, creating a sense of 3 dimension.

Dynamic Poster Trends ?

For audience, the dynamic poster has not only remained the merits of static posters but also to demonstrate its own advantages. From a more professional perspective, Flint Walk has made significant breakthroughs via shifting graphics and pictures, change of colors, to make the conveying information more diverse and abundant. 

Dynamic poster design is changing the trend of industry like “assassins” with the momentum of fashion. Gradually it becomes a newly art and a method of expressing information. In this way, it can not only be applied in multi fields, disclosed as invitation letters, advertisements, preview for events, etc. There are also many excellent projects in the industry that have been recognized by international awards.

While dynamic posters continue to inject fresh blood into the current era, Flint Walk, as a creative team of film and television production, is inspired to seek new creative directions in publicity, and tries to bring more flexible and innovative ways to the development of digital art.



《About Dynamic Poster Design》



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