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Spring Is Awaken by The Fierce Lion

“灵猊” (Ling Ni) is an alias for the lion. The lion is the auspicious beast in the hearts of the people of all ethnic groups in China, symbolizing prosperity, success and good luck. “醒”(Xing) in “醒春” (Xing Chun) represents a genre of the Lion Dance, which also means the revival of all things on earth. “春” (Chun) as a pun indicates “Spring” and “the Lunar New Year.”“灵猊醒春”(Spring Is Awakened by The Fierce Lion) is chosen as the theme implying that “醒春” awakens auspiciousness at the very beginning of a new year. 


Culture Origins

At the beginning stage of creation, Flint Walk has researched abundant intangible cultural heritage and come to know that the traditional lion dance is outstanding Chinese folk art. Lion Dance can be different from northern and southern areas. The southern lion is also known as the awakening lion. Lions are made of colored cloth strips. Each lion is generally performed by two people working together, one dancing head and one at tail. Under the music of gongs and drums, performers dress up as lions and make various lion movements. 


Production Process 

After decided the creative idea of integrating the traditional lion dance and Naked-eye 3D tech, Flint Walk team swiftly established the lion dance squad to product this project promptly. At the same time, a local well-known lion dance team from Chengdu was invited to the studio to depict the culture of “The Awakening Lion” through live shooting. It only took about a month from upfront content creation to visual presentation and the video was published at the right time to celebrate the Lunar New Year. 

Through innovation, the team of Flint Walk has brought a grand visual feast to general public. Hope to call on more people to acknowledge and protect intangible cultural heritage and willingly to pass on the "history that can not speak up."


Celebrate The Lunar New Year Cross-Globe

Lion Dance as traditional Chinese folk culture is deeply rooted and wide spread in overseas Chinese communities, where there are Chinese, there must be Lion Dance. It has become an important ceremony to enhance cultural identity for overseas Chinese. The cultural value and influence Lion Dance brought are far-reaching.


Chengdu, China Yingjia Naked Eye 3D Screen

New York, USA Times Square

Seoul, South Korea SM Town


“The Awakening Lion” was depicted by the team of Flint Walk to call for auspiciousness. New Year blessings with the characteristics of the times and nation were sent to overseas Chinese around the world.


Read The Original Article:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/nZU3Kc_Uevgzc_WhFTWc1A

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