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FLINT WALK team consists of a group of young, passionate and ambitious filmmakers with British cultural backgrounds from all over the country. With the change of the current market communication method, we are committed to creating outstanding audiovisual content that is different from the conventional market, which will maintain a pure artistic tone.

Why choose us

Our communication capacity

Weibo (Chinese Micro blog)

Chengdu naked-eye 3D related topics goes to the TOP1 real-time search list, with 1.14 billion reads, about 525,000 discussions, effectively bringing real time online impact to the brands.


Real shooting videos of promotion of each naked eye 3D piece would be posted on WeChat platforms. Related copywriting has over 100,000 times of re-posting. WeChat Video Channel revealing rate is over 10 million, attracting thousands of re-tweeting.

Tik Tok

On Tik Tok platform, Chengdu naked-eye 3D related topic has 1.43 billion hits, and 560 million views. After the work has been issued, popularity has gone viral and quickly went to the TOP 1 on Tik Tok hot list, over 10.39 million reads.


Baidu search results of Chengdu naked-eye 3D videos go up to 1.03 million. Major official media has rushed to report, such as Sichuan Daily, Red Star News, SCOL, Jiupai News, the Paper, etc.


Currently, there are over 1,800 notes about “Chengdu naked-eye 3D” on Xiao Hongshu social media. Many internet influencers have come to the site to experience in person. They use elegant words to describe how creative naked-eye 3D large screen is, and take pictures to memorize ultra-realistic motion pictures.

Overseas Platform

Chengdu Naked-Eye 3D Related Video has millions of views on overseas platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. International netizens have expressed their love and interests. Domestic official media such as People’s Daily has also posted related reports on Twitter.


Advantages of Marketing Competition

  • Superb production skills (top creative team with studying abroad eduacation background)
  • Strong technological innovation ability (the company has been committed to the technological innovation of naked-eye 3D, and is the first company to achieve real-life shooting)
  • Strict quality control (applying the production level of 3D movies to 3D advertising)
  • Abundant classic cases (cooperation with world-known brands in major industries)
  • Experience of matching remote screen videos (works of different screen specifications and shapes are continuously exposed)
  • Exclusive production rights of advertising of two large naked-eye 3D screen in Chengdu Silver Square and Yingjia Building
  • Industry popularity constantly increasing (check exposure data of major platforms for details)

Future Development Direction

  • Combination of AR, MR, XR technology
  • CG animation production Film and Television Production
  • Intellectual educational digital city
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Contact Us

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Thrity Eighth Floor, Silver Square, No.99 section 3 of Hongxing Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

028 87656689
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